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RANZCR Intelligence 2018

It’s been great attending the Intelligence 2018 seminar, with many great talks and inspiring speakers. Here’s a quick summary of the important points I learned in the day. Issues with medical data Volume: medical imaging data are abundant compared to other specialties, but it’s still small compared to general data such as road data for automated vehicles, everyday images such as ImageNet. Privacy: already a huge hurdle for many research projects, but another issue lies in the fact that current anonymisation techniques may not be sufficient Source and bias: although we have many promising results from ML with the current data sets, there are always issues with “rubbish in, rubbish out”.

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Building a custom static website

I’ve been thinking of setting up a technical blog for quite some time now and I understand there are many options available online. None of them clicked for me however for various reasons: The design needs to be simple (think Donald Knuth’s personal website). The extreme version of this kind of design is known as Prof. Dr. Style, as they were commonly seen on University stuff profile pages. They are the fine relics of “pre-historical” internet without CSS or JS.

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