MCE hardware error finally resolved

My KDE Neon crashes intermittently for the past 2 years without a clear pattern or trigger. I suppose the only hint was that it often (not always) happens when I was using graphic intensive software, such as video player or remote desktop. But also happens during a cold boot up, or when the monitors wake up from sleep. It's mostly unpredictable.

What made the diagnosis confusing is the kernel log mostly shows error like this:

GPU passthrough via VFIO

A retrospective note of a multi-weekend project from October 2021 - Feb 2022. Background I always needed both Windows and Linux operating systems for various reasons since the beginning of University. GNU/Linux offers tiling window managers, theming, native Emacs support, and a wonderful ecosystem of terminals, providing comfortable developement environments. It's not the most polished place when you first install it, but you can pretty much customize it to look like anything you want.

Kernel choices on Ubuntu LTS

With my newly built dev machine, rocking an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU and AMD 5700XT, the current LTS kernel (20.04 - Focal Fossa) from Ubuntu has very limited support, such as the occasional GPU freeze / tear / flickering, bios reporting EDAC memory issues etc. One major issue I don’t need worry this time is graphics drivers, because AMD GPU drivers are integrated into the kernel already. So the only hurdle is to upgrade the kernel (and the BIOS/UEFI).

How to fix VS Code remote SSH for NixOS target

When you install VS Code with its remote-SSH plugin, and logs into a shell via SSH. VS Code will install its backend on the remote machine (at ~/.vscode-server) and turns the client into a front-end (after all, it’s just an Electron app).

Short notes on function closure

The concept of `closure` may seem deceivingly easy to grasp – just a function that returns another function which could access the parent function’s environment.

Building a custom static website

I’ve been thinking of setting up a technical blog for quite some time now and I understand there are many options available online. None of them clicked for me however for various reasons:

Short notes on radiology and AI

There’s heated discussion on the impact of AI tools (or machine learning to be more accurate) on radiology. Here’s a points I summarised from various conferences and readings on the internet.